Why to pay licence for a software when there is a possibility of free alternative solution?

Among other advantages of using Free and Open Source Software over Proprietary Software are less innitial costs and non-necessity of paying additional licences for each PC. The fact that in average only virus removal costs big Windows clients, with approximately equal number of PCs, as much as entire Linux System Maintenance speaks for itself.
In the world they are in transition to, or considering transition to the Open Source Software. French police has migrated about 5.000 PCs from Windows XP to the Free Software and saved about 50 million euros, which is of great importance in this time of financial crisis. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has signed an order according to which, by 2015, all Russian State Bodies and Government Agencies should migrate to Free and Open Source solutions, including Linux OS. Finally, by transition to its own Linux distribution – LiMux, the city of Munich has lowered the IT expenses and number of users' objections, according to the data published by its Mayor Christian Ude.
In contrast with the previous examples from the world, Serbia has lost not dozens, but more than one hundred million dollars using Proprietary Software. So, the time is right for the Open Source to be developed and expanded. Regionalization and Free Software usage incitement in companies as well as among individuals and enthusiasts, especially among young, unemployed, people with disabilities and pensioners are our organization's goals.
In order to accomplish our mission, we support all the Free Software users in Subotica as well as in Vojvodina, Serbija and worldwide. We participate in Free Software developement and translate them. We present Free Software applicability and teach the members and the other interested sides, for the sake of the knowledge improvement, through organizing seminars, lectures and workshops and also by means of the media.
We develop, translate and test programme applications with the accent on the Free Software applications developement. We organize, individually, or together with another organizations, professional meetings, counselings, seminars ant the other forms of education in the area of Free Software and Informatics.
Our organization is recently founded and has only modest funds at its disposal, unsufficient to cover up our needs in equipment. For example, the current number of PCs in the organization is unsatisfactory. If you recognize our efforts and want to support our mission, you can do it in different ways, in accordance with the Law, including donations and the possibility of sponsorship.
Your support will be regulated by the Agreement and it will be pointed out at our activities that it was you who contributed "FSN Serbia" mission.
Thank you for your support.